Celiac Disease!

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So I decided to write something about Celiac disease today. I bought this book – ‘is wheat killing you?’ By Ishi Khosla – in India some years back. So I decided to kind of write what I understood by the term Celiac Disease and it’s other stuff. I hope it’ll help some of you, I know almost 90% of Nigerians do not know about Celiac Disease

Celiac disease.

  • Is a lifelong condition.
  • Is genetically predisposed.
  • Requires gluten to manifest itself.
  • Is autoimmune in nature. 
  • Remains undiagnosed in 97% of cases.
  • It is hereditary.

What is Celiac disease?

Celiac disease is a permanent condition that damages the lining of the small intestines. This limits the absorption of nutrients, particularly iron, folate, calcium and vitamin D. Being autoimmune in nature, failure to recognise Celiac disease in time, can lead to serious complications, including cancer.

What happens in Celiac disease?

When a celiac individual consumes food containing gluten, the intestine responds to the food as if it were a foreign body and produces an immune reaction causing inflammatory damage to the villi. This is turn leads to the shortening or blunting and flattening of the villi, thus impairing their ability to absorb nutrients. This is referred to as villous atrophy

Celiac disease can therefore, be referred to as a malabsorption syndrome.

When can it start?

Celiac disease can begin at any age from six months to ninety-plus years.

Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance and Gluten Sensitivity.

Gluten Intolerance is always used to describe celiac disease, but it is entirely incorrect. You may be gluten intolerant but not have celiac disease. On the other hand all those who have celiac disease are gluten intolerant. A person who develops symptoms on eating gluten and is relieved by removing gluten from the diet can be called Gluten Intolerant.

Gluten Sensitivity also refers to the gastrointestinal symptoms with or without celiac disease. 

Gluten Intolerant and Gluten Sensitive individuals should have biopsy performed before going off gluten! Celiac disease is a serious medical condition that should not be self diagnosed.

Celiac disease can also be called:

  • Celiac sprue 
  • Gluten sensitive enteropathy
  • Gluten induced enteropathy

Symptoms of Celiac Disease

  • Short stature
  • Weight loss
  • Bruising
  • Anorexia
  • Diarrhoea and constipation
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy 
  • Headaches
  • Anaemia
  • Folic acid and iron deficiency
  • Infertility
  • Brittle bones
  • Bone pain
  • Cramps
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis 

Types of Celiac Disease

  • Typical Celiac Disease
  • Atypical Celiac Disease
  • Silent Celiac Disease
  • Potential Celiac Disease
  • Latent Celiac Disease
  • Transient gluten intolerance
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis 


What happens when I Consume Gluten

If I accidentally eat a product containing gluten, I may experience abdominal pains, bone pains and headache, sometimes I don’t experience anything but that doesn’t mean it’s not damaging my small intestines.

Going on and off a gluten-free diet could lead to serious complications such as bone loss, anaemia, vitamin deficiencies or gastrointestinal cancer, especially lymphomas.

Coping socially on a gluten-free diet

  • I share my condition with family and friends
  • I carry my food out, sometimes
  • I don’t feel sorry for my self
  • I’m not afraid to eat out
  • When I’m eating at a friend’s house, i eat before I go,because they might be serving gluten based food. Sometimes I ask them – people that won’t get offended – what they’re planning to serve


 I’m also planning on opening a foundation with my very good friend Maryam Bature. Celiac Disease Foundation Nig. In shaa Allah. 

The role we will play

  • Create awareness about Celiac Disease.
  • Encourage hotels and restaurants to create gluten-free menus 
  • Raise funds for research on Celiac Disease
  • Promote meetings and produce videos, journal and other informative material, including brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, posters, etc.
  • Advice patients on a gluten-fred diet.


  • Increasing awareness about Celiac Disease and related conditions among patients and public, health professionals, schools and food industry.
  • Organising forums, case study presentations, lectures, seminars, and holding special events including food festival 
  • Associating with other institutions nationally and globally engaged in similar activities.
  • To make life easier for Celiac Disease patients
  • Encouraging research
  • Identifying alternative gluten-free grains from different parts of the world
  • Marking December 4th as Celiac Day and Dec 4-10 as Celiac Week.


Thank you for reading till the end! I appreciate😘

 (I’m really bad when it comes to conclusions)

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 facts about me! 

Heyy guys! I’m writing facts about me today because I want y’all to know what’s inside the box. 

  1. Birthday: 26-09 Libra.
  2. I live with Celiac Disease.
  3. I’m an Introvert.
  4. I’m from Gombe State.
  5. I want to be a writer and a Journalist.
  6. I want to work at CNN, like bad
  7. I have 4 siblings-Amir,Eeman,(me),Rahama and Abdallah.
  9. I love my friends🙌 I love being with them, they light me up!
  10. I’m crazyy!
  11. Black is my favourite colour! Black is just so Beautiful.
  12. I love food! Ok who doesn’t love food? Ugh!
  13. I hate Mathematics! My favourite subject is English Language and Literature
  14. I love cooking🙌. 
  15. I dance everyday.
  16. I love sleeping. I can sleep anywhere anytime.
  17.  I eat snickers every single day.
  18. I love Bryson Tiller! And other rappers that I can’t mention rn.
  19. I love Reading and Writing! I have 5 draft books, and they are so precious to me. 
  20. Harry Potter!!! Ok,that’s the best I’ve ever read,no doubt.
  21.  I love makeup! But I swear I don’t even have a powder😪 sad tin. 

        s/o to Halima, Rahama, Bolu and Adda Eeman for helping me out🙌. I don’t really know anything about my self ,just a few😂  I know it’s weird,that’s just me!

        Thanks for reading🙏

          -Toodles, see y’all next time😘


          8 things people say to me!

          Oh! You’re on a gluten free diet because you think it’s healthy and trendy? I suffer from Celiac disease and I will shit on your diet. Literally.

          • I can’t live with out bread “Eh, you’d manage”

          • Can’t you just cheat? “Nahh,I love my life”

          • Do miss pizza? Do you miss cake? “…yes”

          • I would kill myself if I couldn’t eat pizza “umm…”

          • what happens when you eat gluten “I get really sick”

          • what even is gluten though? “Doing a Google search doesn’t hurt! There’s lots of info out there”

          • I bet you never gain weight “Anything is possible”

          • you’re so brave, I’d die if I were you “Hey now,don’t worry about me. I’ve got enough awesome to keep on  keepin’ on”

          PICTURE PERFECT (a short story)

          Hey guys🙋, I’m posting a short story today, and I hope you’ll like it.✌. Don’t forget to comment!

          Happy Reading😃


          I came back from work and sat on my bean bag staring at my parent’s picture on the wall.

          I am an orphan. My parents passed away when I was seventeen. That day was dreadful, but after a month I realized that they won’t come back; they’re gone, forever. I just worked my ass off and moved on with my life. 

          I am currently working in a coffee shop and living in an expensive apartment that I bought after my parent’s death.  I hardly use the money my parents left for me, I prefer to work hard for the money and spend it.


          I go to work with my camera around my neck; I love photography so much! I reach the coffee shop and I see Reedarh, my work mate serving a hot guy coffee and I just have to take a shot.

          “Wow. This guy is an angel!” I whisper to myself. I take more pictures of him for my scrap book. He also has dimples, eek!!!


          I am so sorry, you don’t even know my name, bad manners, pardon me.


          My name is Markea Jhonson. I am a South African based in New York, I have lived in New York throughout my life. My cousins and other relatives are in South Africa, I seldom visit. I studied Business Management and graduated from University last year. I live in a gluten free world with Celiac Disease. I’ll feed you with this info for now. 


          I went for grocery shopping earlier and now I am at Dominoes. I am waiting for my order of chicken kickers and cream soda. 

          Guess who is three seats in front of me?!!

           The dimple guy that came to our coffee shop yesterday! 

           He looks hot in his bomber jacket and skinny jeans. I just have to take some more pictures. I am so busy staring at the pictures, smiling.

          “Your food is getting cold.” I look up from my camera and I see the dimple guy, I did not notice that my food had been placed on the table already. 

          He takes the seat in front of me and I shove a piece of chicken in my mouth, staring at him, studying him. He has dark brown hair with light brown highlights on the tips. His sea blue eyes are sparkling like there is no tomorrow, defined cheekbones and concrete jawline, ooh lala! He asks me if he can take a look at my camera and I give it to him nonchalantly.

          “Hmm…have you been stalking me young lady?”

          “Nop” i said popping the ‘P’ “well…you’re always looking good, so I decided to take some pictures for my scrap book”

          “You have a scrap book?’’ He asks, impressed, ‘’when can I see it?”

          Is that an excuse to see me again? Or let me not jump to conclusions.

          “Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be at central park” I reply, shoving the last piece of my chicken and gulping down the remainder of my soda.

          ‘’Oh, I’m Ian. Ian Russell.’’



          I head back to my apartment to unpack my groceries and jump into bed. I can’t sleep well. I have been tossing and turning thinking about Ian Russel.


          I actually prefer weekdays to weekends, but the exciting part of this weekend is that I’ll get to see Ian’s face again, eek!!! I eat my breakfast real quick and head to the park. 

          I take a seat and bring out my camera to do the normal thing. I love coming to this park the fresh air is mesmerising, I’ll have to write about this place on my blog.

          “Hey Markea” Ian says, taking a seat beside me and passing me a box of donuts. “They are gluten free by the way. What’s up? Do you have the scrap book?” he asks and I give it to him.

          ‘I’m also gluten free.’ I say, but he is concentrating so much on the scrap book I’m not sure he heard me.

          “It’s really nice, so you just take pictures of things you did or do, places you’ve been to and me” he says and I nod, muttering a thank you. These donuts are so sweet.

          “These donuts Ian, they’re fantastic!”  I exclaim

          “Thanks, my Grandma made them” he replies, still flipping through the scrap book. 

          ‘I would love to meet her and get her recipe.’ 

          He takes a slight pause. “You could take some more off-guard pictures of me.”

          “I’ll keep that in mind,” I say.

          Is it just me or did awkwardness just slide in? 


          Ian walks me to my door step and I say he can come for photo-shoots anytime. This is the first time a hot white guy is approaching me, except from my work friends of course. I am always on my own because I am an African. I don’t really get this place.


          So, it’s been two weeks since I met Ian and he really is a cool and caring guy. He likes me, I like him; I know it was too fast, but who cares?!

          He doesn’t care that I am a black African, but I am not so sure about his family. I hope they aren’t racists. 


          Today is our date night and I am so happy, I can’t wait. I am standing in front of my full length mirror admiring myself.

          “Come on, you don’t have to look at the mirror, you could just ask me, and you look breath-taking” Ian says and I turn all shades of red, despite my skin tone.

          “Thank you.”

          We reach our destination and the place is so beautiful, so neutral, natural, and elegant. We take our seats and place our orders. Our orders came in shortly and we eat in silence, which was weird.

          “You know, I am used to eating in silence because of my Grandma.” He explains and I nod

          “No problem, it’s good.” 

          We talk about so many things, like knowing more about each other and stuff. I am really happy to have someone like Ian in my life. Racism can’t stop people from falling in love, it’s not about the colour, it’s the heart and mind.


          Ian and I are going to his Grandparent’s house for this grand dinner they do every year. I am really looking forward to it. I finish my makeup and slip on my nude thick heel that I pair with a black body hugging dress that reaches just below my knee. I really can’t wait for this gathering.

          We arrived at the Abraham Mansion, that’s where they grew up together with his siblings. 

          There are so many people! His siblings, cousins, friends, aunties, uncles and so on.

          Ian’s parents are off on a trip, so they couldn’t make it, they are workaholics.

          We are having dinner and most of them are staring at me, feeling uncomfortable with my presence. I feel uncomfortable too. They must be thinking where and why Ian found a black girl; the only black dot on a white sheet.

          His siblings are nice because I met Herper, his younger sister, before and we got to know each other. 


          Before the dinner, we start conversing with some of his family and they get more comfortable around me because I tell them about myself and they realise that they were judging the book by its cover.   


          So we’ve finished dinner, remaining dessert my best part. I already know it will be gluten free so I have no worries. I open my dessert and I see a velvety black box with Tiffany and co. written on it.


          If this is a ring, I’ll fall and pass out from happiness!  

          Everyone has finished their dessert and left the table, I am left with Ian. 

          I have been staring at the box for like three minutes now. I take a deep breath and open the box… 


          My heart is tearing apart. I was expecting a ring really. I am so sad right now. I just want to go home and crash.

          “Wow, Thank you.” I whisper. I turn to face Ian, I give him a hug and kiss him even though I am really sad.


          I go to the kitchen to meet his sisters. They ask me what’s wrong because I look gloomy, but I say nothing.

          “He gave me earrings” I finally said. They all gasp and I nod, “yeah earrings, please let’s drop this topic.” 

          They all nod in agreement.

          “Sorry ladies, can I borrow Markea for a sec please?” 

          Without waiting for their reply Ian grabs my hand and takes me to the garden.

          “I Know you’re upset about the earrings, I am sorry.” he says, then chuckles

          “It’s okay, I love them.” 

          He takes a deep breath and starts talking.

          “Babe, since the day I caught a glimpse of you taking my pictures I started feeling something for you. Then I saw you at Dominoes taking my pictures again, I just had to approach. From the very first day I started talking you, I instantly fell in love with you. You make me so happy you make me feel like the happiest man on earth. I think about you every day and night, you make my heart ache Markea, and you are the most beautiful woman my eyes have ever seen. I don’t care that you’re an African, I don’t care about your skin colour, just keep it fresh ok? I love you Markea Jhonson, words can’t describe how I feel towards you, but I think numbers can; I love you 100/100 Markea, more than that even, all the moments we had together, our laughter moments, sarcasm moments, oh god, I will never forget those moments. I love you so much Markea.” 

          God, I bet my makeup is all gone. I am touched, like I am really crying, my breath is ready to cut off. 

          He is going down on one knee!

           My tears are now pouring like a tap that is running like Usain Bolt.

          “Markea Jhonson, please will you marry me?” 

          I can’t even open my mouth nor eyes. I am so happy. “Markea?” 

          I just start to nod.

          “Yes! Yes! Yes!” 

          He stands up, slips the ring on my finger, and pulls me into a teddy bear hug. I continue crying on his shirt, I am so happy, today is the best day of my life.

          “I love you Markea”


          Our relationship is just PICTURE PERFECT!

          Gluten Free Life

          ​My name is Ummulkhair Musajo.I am a 16 year old living with Celiac Disease. I was diagnosed in the year 2011,of which since then I have been on a gluten free diet. 

          I used to eat flour as if the doctor assured me I was gluten tolerant,so it was really hard for me to stay away from all the cake, pizza,burger and stuff. Though sometimes I cannot help the urge.

          When i see people eating flour based food I always feel like snatching them away,if Adda eeman (my sister) brings a box of pizza home,I sneak around at night and eat the remnants,but I’ve stopped because of it’s consequences such as severe headache, joint pains etc, I hate them,especially the headache it’s very bad.

          People always ask me these questions which makes me feel soo somehow,I don’t know

          “How do you live without indomie?because I cannot live without indomie “, “it’s hard actually,six years without indomie, no be beans guy.””Do you miss eating cake,pizza,indomie, and others?”, “pfft,of course””Wow,no wonder you’re soo thin”, ” -__-“”Why can’t you just cheat?” ,”hmm,do you think I should deceive my self?, nahh man” 

          I really despise these statements even though I enjoy answering them. lol.

          I have made this promise and I really want to fulfill it in the future when I grow up,to make Nigeria aware of Celiac Disease because most victims remain undiagnosed. I wanted to be a dietician, but more focused on gluten free diet, but unfortunately I happen to be an art student who is growing up to be a writer/chef 

          But surely I will try to create an awareness and give all the gluten free patients the confidence to stand and feel free to share about their “Gluten Free World.”

           Feel free to ask me questions about my Gluten Free World,I’ll gladly answer them.

          Twitter: ummulmusajo_0 , e-mail: ummulkahir@gmail.com