The rain is falling vigorously on my patio as I sip on my dark coffee Apart from the petrichor rising from the beautiful green grass Nothing is going good I’m tired of hurting I’m tired of not being able to cry out my pain I envy the way the rain falls heavily with so much... Continue Reading →


I sigh, laying on the floor of my murky bedroom which hasn’t tasted the sun in a while. My thoughts right now are nothing but an amalgamation Of hurt and fear We talked About us being together till infinity But now, you’re gone for eternity There is no infinity Nothing, but a mirage It’s all... Continue Reading →

With you, I feel like I’m in heaven I have no worries I find peace in you And you ignite the fire within me Do you know how my heart races when I think of? Talk more of when I sight you. But then I lost you, I’m sitting here staring at my phone’s wallpaper... Continue Reading →

Here I lie feeling worthless weak and not trying to be strong giving into everything around me not wanting to move on Here I lie hiding who I am masking my feelings wandering in my wild thoughts and deserted heart Here I lie dying inside skin on fire; burning from within Saying I’m fine when... Continue Reading →

Alhamdulillah, I’m honestly grateful for seeing another year and passing through the last. 17 has been a year full of happiness, experience, tears, sadness, dark times when I felt I had no one, regrets and lessons, but overall it’s safe to say that I’ve definitely learnt and grown so much over the year. A year... Continue Reading →

My heart cries Every night I hear the sobs It wants to make everything right But the mind and the ego Always in the way Telling the heart to follow them And everything will be fine But no, They make everything worse By making it make the wrong decisions.

Oh my, My heart beats so fast When I think of you It bleeds Weeps It sing the blues And, It strives for your love...

Reading our past conversations is a great pain that I can endure. I read them every night and let my heart cry.

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