Lord, have mercy.

I don’t know what I have become. Day and night all I think of is the view of blood flowing, heads plunging and hitting the floor with a thud then slowly rolling down; bodies parting into half as if they were logs

I was at one time a bubbly and ambitious person, my smile lit the days of people, but now, the smiles cease or even if they appear they look dead.

I don’t talk anymore. More often than not, I sit in a faintly lit corner in a bar, observing. Gradually, I’ve ended up in a void area. The sparkles in my eyes have vanished forever.

My train of thoughts pause at the sound of my door bell, I drop my espresso on my coffee table and set out toward the door.

I open it without bothering to check who it was, though I know the police are looking for a killer. I wasn’t scared, not one bit. A slender man stood by my door wearing a police uniform and a pair of aviator sun shades; I sigh and stepped aside for him to come in.

”Hey, my name is Jones and I’m here to ask a few questions if you don’t mind,” he said, confidently, adjusting his belt.

”sure, have a seat, ” I gesture at the island ”make yourself comfortable” I close the door as he open the fridge and took a bottle of water.

Do I know this man somewhere?

“you know there have been a ton of killings for the past couple of weeks now, the town has been shaking. I think a week ago, a clerk got murdered brutally by the side of her home” he stops to take a sip from his water. “anyway, our investigation drove us to your home, it appears as though you know this lady, we’ve seen pictures of you and her around in coffeehouses, ” he babbled on.

This man is garrulous and I have to quiet him down or he’ll spill something I probably won’t be able to clean. I begin scrounging through my kitchen drawers for help.

“do you mind giving us more data about her? You don’t need to hide anything since we have all the data, we simply require affirmation” I freeze, but immediately kept looking—so he wouldn’t notice— until I found my knife sharpener

“I don’t understand what is happening in the town” I stated, “I’m sorry, you can’t get any affirmation from me” with a dead grin I forcefully hit the knife sharpener against his head. I brush my hair out of my face as I keep on hitting until I hear his skull break.

I feel assuaged, seeing blood splattered everywhere makes me alive again. I am ten steps ahead of their inept plan. Lord, have mercy.

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