Getting lost in a book; what it feels like.

i open a bookand a page turnslifting itself to my nostrils as the smell hits like the smell rain-to-comeholding tight a promise of something crisp and newfilling my head with extraordinary thoughts and stories to tellgetting lost in the bewildering world the author is paintingi fall, into the world and i forget who i am… Continue reading Getting lost in a book; what it feels like.


remember when we stood in our silk cherry colored shirtsoverlooking the sahara, marveling at the rhythmic, undulating dunes of the dessertwe had ridden a camel to the spot where we would gaze at a million starsi couldn’t stop smiling at the fact i was finally somewhere i had dreamed aboutunder the same stars thousands of… Continue reading THROWBACK TO THE NIGHT IN MOROCCO.


of all crimes committed against a person, rape is the one that leaves the person feeling the most violated. to choose to use another person’s body and defy the soul that resides within is the most egregious crime that one can commit against another!

I have leukaemia

I have lukemia He murmured My pulse ended Heart Broken into such huge numbers of irreplaceable pieces I couldn't relax I search his eyes and all I saw was torment and tears Tears began to eject from my eyes, couldn't control them That minute was inestimable I put my hands on his cheek and it… Continue reading I have leukaemia