Open Letter 3.0 The birthday episode. Alhamdulillah.  As I woke up on my 20th year today, I felt appreciative of the past, contentment for the now and excitement for the future. With lot’s of change on the horizon, I have a sense these chapters of my twenties will be the best yet… Can’t believe i’m celebrating my… Continue reading Open Letter 3.0

The First Time I Saw Him

People often ask What was it like the first time I saw him I didn’t have the right words But now? I sure do The first time I saw him I looked into his eyes and my whole world did a flip ‘Woah’ My frail heart made to slip It even missed a beat The… Continue reading The First Time I Saw Him

I have leukaemia

I have lukemia He murmured My pulse ended Heart Broken into such huge numbers of irreplaceable pieces I couldn't relax I search his eyes and all I saw was torment and tears Tears began to eject from my eyes, couldn't control them That minute was inestimable I put my hands on his cheek and it… Continue reading I have leukaemia

It is what I am

It's polemic The medics got it wrong For I would have been out of the prairies and others I am a staple and still whacked If systems are not compatible with me, yes that is individual differences I don't want the nickname I remain wheat God made me with gluten If a system resists me,… Continue reading It is what I am


I smiled looking at the love of my life Whenever I sight you My heart leaps My blood ripple through my veins My smile distends My eyes luster My fingers tingle Eager to touch Cascade of the yellow goodness covering you Oh my love! Aren't you just the most beautiful thing I could have?