The Beauty of Life.

The beauty of life is in living it. Think about it for a moment. Have you ever really stopped for a second to look around you, to absorb all the beauty in everything? Stop now and let the beauty consume you. Life is beautiful, it is a treasure of jewels whose worth is immeasurable.  The beauty… Continue reading The Beauty of Life.


Good communication skills are vital and make a huge difference toward living a happier life. Take a minute and think about it— being able to clearly explain your thoughts, while at the same time being able to understand what others need, is the basis of healthy relationships, a successful career, good parenting etc. Recognising stress… Continue reading STRESS KILLS COMMUNICATION

Emotional Intelligence; The Art

I hope after reading this article you walk away with a good understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is, and hopefully start working on improving your EQ. • As we continue to evolve as humans the world around us evolves too. The world is constantly forcing us to keep moving forward. Emotional intelligence is a simple… Continue reading Emotional Intelligence; The Art


Just a couple of more days until the end of 2019. And then the beginning of another 365 journey. 366 (it's a leap year) It's been an interesting year… there have been smiles, sonorous laughter, babies, failure, heartbreak, tears, fears, massive self-doubt, self-sabotaging behaviour (such as drinking sodas when I shouldn't and coming up with… Continue reading 12 LESSONS I LEARNT THIS YEAR—2019


What is Gratitude? Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Thanksgiving is the day for giving thanks, but it doesn’t have to be one day. Being thankful boosts your positive mindset especially when you practice it every day; so why limit giving thanks to just one day?… Continue reading WHY I THINK YOU SHOULD START A DAILY GRATITUDE JOURNAL.

3 Things I Am Not Telling You When I Say I am Gluten Free

Assumptions, right or wrong, people make them constantly. It's not distinctive in the case of celiac disease. People who are uneducated on gluten and its effects on those afflicted with the disease can be found guilty of making assumptions based on what they hear on the internet. I want to clear up some of those… Continue reading 3 Things I Am Not Telling You When I Say I am Gluten Free

I have leukaemia

I have lukemia He murmured My pulse ended Heart Broken into such huge numbers of irreplaceable pieces I couldn't relax I search his eyes and all I saw was torment and tears Tears began to eject from my eyes, couldn't control them That minute was inestimable I put my hands on his cheek and it… Continue reading I have leukaemia